• The village of Grindavík is one of Iceland's special surprises for tourists. While best known for its world famous Blue Lagoon, Grindavík also offers visitors a variety of opportunities promises visitors many diverse opportunities for recreation, leisure, and family fun.

    This charming community of 2,900 promises endless possibilities for excitement and fun for the entire family. Grindavik boasts miles of hiking trails through breathtaking panoramas, a new modern campground and swimming facility, one of Iceland's best golf courses, the Saltfisksetur Íslands, and a multitude of wonderful restaurants.
    Adventure and entertainment
    The area immediately around Grindavik offers countless opportunities for adventure and entertainment.
    Travel historic trails such as Prestastastígur, Skógfellsvegur and Reykjavegur. Travel on an ATV, go horseback riding or tour by bicycle. Visit the Hópsnes circle with its shipwrecks and relics and the Reykjanes lighthouse and get a glimpse of life near the sea. Tour the fish processing facility in Stakkavík; fish in the harbor. Climb Þorbjarnarfell Mountain and enjoy a spectacular view of Grindavik and the surrounding area. See natural gems such as Gunnuhver, Brimketill, Eldvörp, Kleifarvatn,
    Krísuvíkurberg and Seltún.
    Summer in Grindavik is full of activity. Sjóarinn síkáti; one of the biggest festivals in the nation, the annual Midsummer´s Night Eve hike, Nature´s Week in Reykjanes, and Grindavik's ever growing hiking fest the first week in August (for more information go to
    Welcome to Grindavik, Iceland's most popular tourist destination. Enjoy life. Enjoy Grindavik; a place with something for everybody. 

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