• Isafjordur
    - The capital of the Westfjords -


    A whole New World. The landscape is majestic, with fjord after fjord, towering above shore and sea, and the diversity. Each and every fjord has its own distinctive character. Tiny fishing villages nestle at their foot.

    The West Fjords are an ideal place for hikers and all nature lovers, in summer and winter alike. But for all the grandeur and variety of the landscape, perhaps the most enchanting attraction is the peace and quiet and endless calm that make the West Fjords a world you’ll want to escape to forever.

    The West Fjords account for more than half of Iceland’s total shoreline. The shore is everywhere, infinitely varied, changing with the seasons, lying on the mystical border between different worlds. Seals bask on the rocks, huge colonies of seabirds are seen and the king of the skies, the white-tailed eagle watching over.

    The roads could be better so take your time, during the wintertime please contact the road administration to check for if the roads are open and be careful to notice the weather, but you will get a good service and meet friendly people on your way through.


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