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    Flateyri on the bay Onundarfiord has been a trading post since 1792. For 12 years in the nineteenth century the village was home for a thriving whale processing station run by a Norwegian , Mr. Ellefsen. When the whale station burnt down in 1901 Mr. Ellefsen donated his dwelling to the Icelandic government. It was dismantled to be re-erected by the Lake in Reykjavik where today it serves as a banquet and reception centre for visiting dignitaries.

    The main source of employment is fishing and fish processing and tourism increases by the year.

    The nature at and near Flateyri is worth exploring. Geologically this is considered to be the oldest part of the West. In early winter 1995 Flateyri was struck by an avalanche, which destroyed many houses and nearly 30 persons perished. Since then avalance obstructions have been erected in the slopes above the village.


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