• Patreksfjordur
    - A fishing village -



    Patreksfjordur is one of the communities of Vesturbyggd, where the main trades are fishing and fish processing. The town is also a commercial centre for the region. The vicinity offers a variety of interesting places to explore and hiking and mountain climbing are popular. The sheer beauty of the region attracts many tourists and tourism plays an increasing role. Tours are on offer to the cliff Latrabjarg, Europe's westernmost point. Some 25 km to the west, at the farm Hnjotur, there is an unique privately operated aeronautical and folk museum. The late farmer collected artefacts and memoriabilia during his lifetime, especially connected to the Icelandic aeronautical history, and to crown his efforts, one of the items in his possession is an old Russian Antonov biplane in prime condition, which is on display at the farm. The distance from Reykjavik is 422 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.


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