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    Saudarkrokur is the largest urban area in Skagafjordur with a population of around 2700 people. There you can find a primary school, hospital and a health centre and moreover a secondary school which serves the North Western part of Iceland. Krokurinn as it is called in day-to-day conversation is known as a sports town and there is a splendid new sports house, a horse riding hall, a swimming pool and skiing slopes on Tindastoll with 1150 metre long ski lift in 15 km distance from town. At Krokurinn you will find a golf course, hotel, guesthouses and all general services such as a post office, banks, shops and restaurants.
    There are many kinds of industry to be found at Saudarkrokur for example insulation manufacturing factory (Steinullarverksmidjan) fur skinning factory, fishing industry, creamery, shrimp factory and in addition many small industrial businesses. Furthermore the town has an important service role for the surrounding countryside but altogether Skagafjordur has a population of 4400.
    The cultural life of Saudarkrokur is of high quality for example good a drama society, music school and the regional archives of Skagafjordur - one of the best archives in the country. Many scholars who want peace and quiet in which to conduct their research seek sanctuary at the archives. Furthermore the town has a museum and there are many exhibitions to examine e.g. a machine workshop, a woodworking workshop, a rock exhibition and much more.
    In the oven workshop of Ingimundur in Sudurgata, you can see in its original condition an oven workshop on the first floor but there is a flat on the second floor. Therefore many things are to be seen in Saudarkrokur and it's worth a visit.


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