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    The mountains of Tröllaskagi (“Trolls’ Headland” – between Eyjafjörður and Skagafjörður) are renowned as one of Iceland’s most spectacular areas for outdoor activity. Hikers can find suitable walking routes at any time of year, while mountaineers can scale peaks of all shapes and sizes. Those who prefer to stick to mountain tracks and passes can choose such routes as the ancient path via Heljardalsheiði from Eyjafjörður into Skagafjörður, or take the path via Skíðadalur to the Tungnahryggsjökull glacier.                 
    In 1972, a group of  farmers and landowners in Svarfaðardalur joined forces with the Nature Conservation ouncil to found the Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve, an area of about 8 km2 of wetland on both banks of the Svarfaðardalsá river. Within the reserve are dry river-banks as well as marshes with sedge bogs, ditches and fertile ponds with reeds. This natural environment provides an excellent habitat for many species of breeding birds. Migratory birds start to arrive in April for the summer breeding season. The Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve was founded to  conserve this unique ecosystem and prevent further drainage of the area, which would have a negative impact on the birdlife. Vegetation and birdlife are protected within the reserve, where nothing is allowed to disrupt the course of nature.

    Outdoor life and leisure
    Skiing on Böggvisstaðafjall
    Mt. Böggvisstaðafjall offers one of Iceland’s best skiing areas, with slopes for all levels of ability and experience. Two ski-lifts transport skiers from the edge of the town up to a height of 320 metres, where they can choose between ski and snowboard slopes, or less demanding routes which command splendid views over the fjord.

    Swimming pool
    The swimming pool in Dalvík offers relaxation for people of all ages. In addition to a 25-metre main pool, it has a children’s pool where children can play while their parents relax in the "hot-pots" or sunbathe in good weather. The pool also has a water-slide. After a day in the mountains, skiers and walkers often end their day at the swimming pool.

    Golf course
    The Arnarholt golf course is a nine-hole course, seven kilometres outside Dalvík at The golf course is located in spectacular natural environment, and is popular with both local residents and visitors.

    Horse riding
    Horse riding is a very popular leisure pursuit in Dalvíkurbyggð. At Hringsholt is the largest stable in Iceland, where horses can be hired for short rides or longer expeditions, together with guides.

    Whale-watching and sea-angling
    Whale-watching cruises are available from Hauganes during the summer months. The boats rarely have to go far out into Eyjafjörður before whales and other cetaceans make their appearance: humpback, minke and killer whales, along with dolphins and porpoises, are most likely to be spotted.  Midnight Sun cruises during spring and summer, when the sun does not set for some weeks, are always popular with visitors.

    The Svarfaðardalsá river is famed for its trout; and the beauty of the surroundings adds to the pleasure of angling. The river comprises five angling zones, with two rods normally permitted in each zone.

    The Svarfadardalur River transports a fair amount of water but is slow flowing, especially in the lower courses where the river is ideal for family or recreational canoeing.  Watch the birds in the Nature Reserve or just enjoy the beautiful nature.



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