• Myvatn
    - Nature at its finest -

    Lake Myvatn is an area in Iceland, renowned for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation possibilities - offering magnificent landscape together with rich animal- and bird life.

    There are various natural features at Lake Myvatn, for example pseudo-craters and explosive craters, extensive lava fields (the youngest created in recent volcanic eruptions), bizarre lava rock formations and one of the biggest high temperature areas in the country with sulphur springs, solfataras and fumaroles.

    The natural resources of Lake Myvatn have been harnessed for a Diatomite factory and Geothermal station Krafla.

    One of the largest concentration of breeding ducks in Iceland and in the whole world lies at Lake Myvatn. Every type of breeding ducks in Iceland is found at Lake Myvatn and river Laxa.

    Among those is the American Barrow’s Goldeneye, which is found nowhere else in Europe - as a breeding bird.

    The outflow of Lake Myvatn, Laxa river, is very rich in salmon and arctic char.

    The Lake Myvatn and Laxa area has been protected by special law in Iceland since 1974.


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