• Reydarfjordur Iceland

    Huge quantities of loose gravel, eroded from the mountains to the north and carried here by the glacial rivers of that time, over ten millenia ago, were distributed by sea waves, since the ocean reached higher then, and afterwards left as high, flattened terraces.

    Electric power from village river
    Village employees manage green power generated by water from the community’s own dam, which you can see by following trails up the river across from the post office.
    Geithúsaá is a clear stream still flowing from such a valley and coming down just east of the mountain that is inside the curve of the road as it turns straight north towards Egilsstaðir. There is a trail on the west side of the stream, rewarding for spacious views into the canyon below.

    This village has stayed in the news for years, as Icelanders debate the advantages of heavy industry. A deep, secure harbour, now used mostly for fishing vessels, as well as proximity to possible sources of extensive hydroelectric power, are the two major reasons.

    World War II museum
    The allies were conscious of the harbour’s advantages, stationing many troops here during World War II, now remembered in the local wartime museum.


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