Vik i Myrdal

  • Vik in Myrdalur (Vík í Mýrdal) is the southernmost village in Iceland, with population of about 350. 

    Although it is the only coastal village in Iceland with no harbour. There are paddle boats that are used for sightseeing for tourists.

    In Vik and the neighbouring coastline and mountains, there is a wealth of contrast and landscapes renowned for their natural beauty.
    The beach south of Vik was named one of the ten most beautiful islands beaches in the world by Islands Magazine in 1991.

    Mt. Reynisfjall and its cliffs have few rivals in Iceland for richness of vegetation and bird life, and the sandy beach to Vik is a large breeding colony for the Arctic tern.

    South of Reynisfjall rise three rock pillars up to 66m from the sea. Skessudrangar, Landdrangar and Langhamrar, which according to the local folklore are not rocks at all but trolls turned to stone at sunrise.

    The 120 metre headland of Dyrholaey, ending in an unusual archway can be sailed through by boats. It lies to the west of Vik and is the southernmost point of mainland Iceland.

    Towering above the village is the 700 km2 glacier of Myrdalsjokull, beneath whose icy cap is hiding the powerful volcano Katla, which last erupted in 1918.

    Energetic hikers will be attracted by the foothill leading up to Myrdalsjokull glacier, renowned for its unique and breathtaking beauty.

    Other interesting local sights include the church at Reynir west of the village, the southernmost farm in Iceland (Gardar) and, on the nearby coast, columnar basalt cliff and caves.


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