• Kópavogur is Iceland‘s second largest municipality with a population of around 31 thousand.

    The town‘s name is derived from a piece of land called Kópavogur, owned by the State Treasury at the beginning of the 20th century which it leased along with another piece of land to its neighbour, Digranes. The Kópavogur parish was established in early 1948, when its population was at around 900. The parish grew rapidly and its population had reached 3.783 by the time Kópavogur received its municipal rights on 11 May 1955.

    There is extensive and varied economic activity in Kópavogur, mainly industries, services and trade of various kinds. It is of note that shopping centre Smáralind in Kópavogur is the biggest of its kind in the country.


    Kópavogur places heavy emphasis on good service to its residents. The town has nine elementary schools and one privately run, the Waldorf School. Each school belongs to a specific school district and thus becomes the home school for the district‘s children. Child care after school hours for first to fourth graders is operated in all the elementary schools. Please apply for school enrolment here.

    There are eighteen daycare centers in the town, which can be enrolled by contacting an enrolment representative.

    Kópavogur also provides welfare services, including general social consultation, financial assistance, housing, affairs of the elderly, social assistance, affairs of the disabled as well as child and youth affairs, including case processing in accordance with the Child Protection Act.

    The Social Services: Further information.

    Sports and leisure

    The town has varied opportunities for outdoor activities and its sports facilities are top-notch. There are nine gymnasiums, including two multi-function sports halls, Fífan and Kórinn, both of which are over 10.000 sqm in size. In addition, there are two swimming pools in the town, Kópavogslaug and Salalaug.

    Kópavogur‘s residents are also very proud of their cultural institutions at Borgarholt, such as Salurinn, Gerðarsafn art museum, the Natural History Museum of Kópavogur, the Iceland Music Museum and Molinn, Kópavogur‘s youth centre.

    The town also supports social activities for youth and social activities for senior citizens, with such social centres being in most of the town‘s districts.

    Kópavogur town‘s Administration and Service Centre

    Address: Fannborg 2, 4th floor

    Telephone: (+354) 570-1500
    Fax: (+354) 570-1501

    Office hours:  Open all workdays 8:00-16:00 except Fridays 8:00-15:00

    Telephone service and reception at the service centre, Fannborg 2, 8:00-16:00 except Fridays 8:00-15:00

    Email : thjonustuver@kopavogur.is

    Bus stops are close by, at Hamraborg, Salurinn and Digranesvegur.

    There is parking space by the Town Hall.



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