• Iceland's pearl

    Hafnir's picturesque harbour offers an exceptional opportunity to witness at first hand the awesome power of the surging North Atlantic ocean. As it breaks over the outer wall in a foaming welter of surf and spray, a telling reminder of which is the anchor of the Jamestown, which stands nearby.

    Hafnir is also home to what is undoubtedly one of the world’s strangest banks, he "Halibut  Bank," where small halibuts are gathered and farmed to market size before being exported abroad. South of Hafnir the road crosses the lava fields thrown up by the region's last volcanic eruption in 1268. 

    Rising from the sandy beach at Sandvík, the 30m-high mass of Hafnaberg, one of Iceland's largest bird cliffs but now accessible by a footpath is also an excellent place for spotting whale. Here, the real adventure of Reykjanes region begins.

    Quite recently archealogical digs revealed habitats in Hafnir believed to be by the first settlers in Iceland more than 1000 years ago.  Make sure you check it out when visiting Hafnir. 

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