Riding Tours South Iceland

Riding Tours South Iceland is a family company. Our goal is to meet the needs of every customer as best we can with personal service. We are located in Syðra-Langholt 3 845 Hrunamannahreppur. We are about 100 kilometer from Reykjavik. We offer all kind of riding tours from one hour and up to 6 day riding tour. 

Please contact us if you have any special requests or wishes.
We would love to help you to plan your dream riding tour here in Iceland with our great team.

Sigmundur Jóhannesson (Simmi) is the Owner at Riding Tours South Iceland. He has been working with riding tours since 1987 so he has over 27 years of experience. He loves horses, outdoor activities and traveling. Simmi has been a farmer since he was about 20 years old and is still loving it.

Arna Þöll Sigmundsdóttir is Simmi´s daughter. Arna and her boyfriend Þorsteinn Gunnar Þorsteinsson(Steini) are also the Owners at Riding Tours South Iceland.

Arna is taking care about all the bookings and organizing.

Steini is educated from Hólar in Hjaltadalur as a horsetrainer and riding teacher.
Steini has really good experience with training, leading and teaching horses and people.

Riding Tours South Iceland
Riding Tours South Iceland
Riding Tours South Iceland

Riding Tours South Iceland

Address: Sydra Langholt 3
Location: Fludir
Tel: (+354) 7721299
email: simmi@ridingtourssouthiceland.is
Website: http://www.ridingtourssouthiceland.is

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Riding Tours South Iceland

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