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The original Northern Lights by Boat in Iceland!

Witnessing the northern lights from the ocean is an amazing experience; sailing away Reykjavik and seeing the aurora borealis out on the North-Atlantic ocean with beautiful mountains and the city lights in the background is something you will never forget.

We sail out from the Old Harbour in Reykjavik and in only 15-20 minutes we will be in a prime location away from the bright city lights, perfect for viewing the auroras! The guide will share with you facts on the science behind this magical phenomenon that the Northern Lights are and tell you about the stories & myths from different cultures around the world. The tour takes about 2-2,5 hours depending on how early/late the lights might appear. 

We recommend putting on our free overalls on-board that will keep you nice and warm out on the deck, listening to what the guide has to say about the lovely colours in the sky.

Throughout the tour we show our very own original Northern Lights video, full of interesting facts and folklore! So if you are cold you can grab a drink at the bar and cozy up inside, watch the video or just simply enjoy the view of the city lights in the distance with your friends or family.

Special Tours
Special Tours
Special Tours

Special Tours

Address: Reykjavik Harbour, 101 Reykjavik
Location: Reykjavik
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Special Tours

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