We at Ribsafari are islanders and have lived and worked in Westman islands (Vestmannaeyjar) all our lives. Since birth we have been going on trips on RIB boats and visited the islands all surrounding the main island Heimaey. We are extremely proud of our beautiful islands. And of course we want you to experience them as a local.

Join us in terrific trips sailing around the islands, we will introduce the islands to you and the life we live here. Just check out our Tripadvisor Reviews as you can see our customers have really enjoyed our trips. You can choose from various trips all dependent on your interest and time. We have scheduled trips from 15. april to 1. september but are opened really at all hours so you just need to contact us or drop by at the harbour in Vestmannaeyjar.

Let’s have a splendid time together.

Looking forward for seeing you.

The employees at Ribsafari



Address: Básaskersbryggju 6 - 900
Location: Vestmannaeyjar
Tel: (+354) 6611810
email: info@ribsafari.is
Website: http://www.ribsafari.is

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