Þakgil camping & cottages

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Thakgil is located between Höfðabrekkuafrétti and Mýrdalssandur. The name "Þakgil", "Þak" meaning roof, and "gil" meaning canyon, and as the name suggests the weather at Thakgil is usually very good.

To get there you turn up from road nr.1 by Höfðabrekka (5 km east of Vík). The road up to the camping site used to be a part of hightway nr. 1 until 1955. Just follow that road and you will find a sign that ponts at Þakgil. 
On site, there are a lot of bautiful hiking routes fit for everyone. Camping site, bathrooms and shower are available. The dining room is a naturally formed cave, and in it there is a grill and a fireplace.

Cabins: kr. 25.000 per night.
Camping:  kr. 1.500 for adults (12 year and older).
Camping: 11 year and younger only pay for 1 night.

Þakgil camping & cottages
Þakgil camping & cottages
Þakgil camping & cottages

Þakgil camping & cottages

Address: Höfðabrekkuafrétti - 871
Location: Vik i Myrdal
Tel: (+354) 8934889
email: helga@thakgil.is
Website: http://www.thakgil.is

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Þakgil camping & cottages

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