Holmur Farm Zoo

Farm Zoo in Holmur opened in july 2009 and we are open all year around.

The farm zoo is with Icelandic domestic animals, however are believed to be one of the purest breeds in the world because they have been here sins the settlement.
Icelandic sheep-lambs, horses, calves, goats, a pig and various kinds of birds and rabbits.
The animals are indoors in winter but also outside in summertime. Different numbers and types of animals are between seasons.

In the spring there is awakening of many lives in the zoo
Wheelchairs access.

Guests that stay over night in wintertime have free access to the farm zoo and guests can help with feeding sheep and other animals on the farm.
Inside the house we have 6 two person rooms , for 12 persons or more. And a lovely restaurant/cafe we call Fjosid.
The place is rebuilt from an old cowhouse. In Icelandic language "fjos" means cowhouse. The restaurant is in the same bulding as the barn and the sheephouse, but ofcourse separated from them with walls. Ligth meals coffee during the day. Dinners in the evening. We offer traditional icelandic food, from our own product and from local ingredients. Opening hours during the winter is by agreement. 

Holmur Farm Zoo
Holmur Farm Zoo
Holmur Farm Zoo

Holmur Farm Zoo

Address: Holmur - 781 Hofn in Hornafjordur
Location: Hofn in Hornafjordur
Tel: (+354) 4782063
Mobile (+354) 8615959
email: holmur@eldhorn.is
Website: http://www.holmurinn.is/husdyr/farmzoo.html

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Holmur Farm Zoo

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