Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD

Ice-rovers is a family owned company who specialized in renting out Land Rover Cars.
The owners have over 20 years of experience in car rental business and even longer experience in driving Land Rover. 

Land Rover 1964 model is the treasure of the family, still used during the summer and always on special occasions like 17th of June, The National Holiday of Iceland.  That day about 50 –60 cars, all of them older than 25 ears old, drive in a pry a circle in old Reykjavik and park in the Centrum where they are part of the celebration ceremony.  Our Land Rover always get a grate attention, especially from the older generation how know this vehicle.  They think of the old days when every farmer had a Land Rover used both to ship the seeps between places as well as to drag the equipments used for hey gathering.

Land Rover is a legend in the Icelandic history.

Land Rover Defender 110 4WD is the best car for highland driving in Iceland.  The car is stable on gravel roads, strong and reliable car for all conditions.  

Equipment with snorkel  if you need to cross rivers.   Land Rover Defender 110 is allowed to drive on F-road.  Do not drive off-road, there are many track and trails that you can use without damangin the sensitivey nature of Iceland and you are coverd by insurances.  

7 seat
4WD high and low drive
Tdi Diesel Engine 2.4 l, 90 kW
The New Model
Transmission: 6 gear manual
USB/Ipad Cable

Free delivery in Reykjavik, Reykjavik Airport Service 35 Euros.
You can have a luggage trailer, and a roof rack for the luggage. The trailer is sutiable for track driving and river crossing. 

If you need camping equipment, we have available.  

Ice-rovers is a certified company.

Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD
Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD
Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD

Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD

Address: Saevidarsund 84 - 104 Reykjavik
Location: Reykjavik
Tel: (+354) 8982026
Mobile (+354) 8922028

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Ice Rovers Car Rental 4WD

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