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Vestmannaeyjar, or The Westman Islands, are truly a wonder of Nature. The youngest island of the Vestmannaeyjar, Surtsey, was born in 1963 and the oldest one is around 40.000 years old!
While the volcano Helgafell looks over the island since over 5000 years, just in its neighbourhood the young volcano Eldfell erupted in 1973.

During the Viking Tours boat cruise you will see many of the wonders of the Vestmannaeyjar nature.

Colourful ocean caves, millions of seabirds and, occasionally during the summer, groups of whales. On the return from the cruise you will enjoy instrumental music in the natural echo of the ocean cave Klettshellir.

During the Viking Tours bus tour you will see the wonders of Heimaey. You will visit the puffins at Stórhöfði and walk up to the crater of Eldfell volcano, that erupted only a few years ago. 
When you visit the old fort Skansinn you may run into a stranded pirate. On Heimaey you will see an elephant that may be the largest one in the world and it doesn't seem, that he will leave soon.

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Viking Tours
Viking Tours
Viking Tours

Viking Tours

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Viking Tours

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