SB Transport is mainly focused on Ground Transportation solutions for national and international tourists along with driving contracts we have for various companies.

We drive for travel agencys,schools,airline crews,disabled people and much,much more...

We also do trip planning for companies and organizations, what you need we help you to make it happen, short trips, long trips, small car or big cars or even many cars we have the solution you need that is why we have a name to stand for Bus4u (bus for you)

Our car fleet consists of 5-52 passenger cars all in excellent shape and condition,seat belts in every seat and safety is number one. see the bus fleet

Bus4u is a company who started out small and grows and strenghtens by every passing day.

Main focuses are in providing personal service,quick respone and safety. read here about our history.

Please contact us for a quote and bear in mind that we offer a personalised service and we can help you arranging your trip to Iceland.

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SB Transport
SB Transport
SB Transport

SB Transport

Address: Vesturbraut 12 230 Reykjansbær
Location: Reykjanesbaer
Tel: (+354) 8401540

SB Transport

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