Hotel Geirland


Hotel Geirland offers accomodation in 40 rooms with bath. Restaurant and bar. A nice place for groups to have good time.


The first settler on the settler´s farm Geirland á Síðu was Eysteinn “hinn digri” (the fat) from Sunnmæri in Norway. Geirland stands under a heath west of the river of Geirland which has spread over the farmland and caused a lot of damage. 

The river comes from the west side of Kaldbakur and has the waterfall Fagrifoss a short distance from the route to Laki. It devieded the districts of Hörgsland and Kirkjubær before they were united in 1990. In the last century, 1935-1984, Sigfús H. Vigfússon lived at 

Geirland at he was very well known for his makings of turbines used for waterpower stations. All in all he build 32 small stations, 26 of them in the county. Geirland is only 3 km from the main road and a short distance from many historic places in the neighbourhood. West of Geirland is Kleifar, an ancient place of meeting for the districts, with Strákalækur fallingneatly from the edge of the heath. West of Kleifar is the river Stjórn with its waterfall falling from a beautiful ravine. 

The famous “Kirkjugólf” (church floor) is just west of the river. There you can see incredible forms of columnar basalt stone slabs, a wonder of nature´s endless possibilities. According to the late geologist Sigurður Þórarinsson the slabs are 1065. The church floor was preserved in 1987 as one of nature´s wonders. Nearby is Kirkjubæjarklaustur, a nun monastery from 1186-1550. Many historic places and names are a reminder of the monastery, e.g. Systrastapi and Systrafoss

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Hotel Geirland
Hotel Geirland
Hotel Geirland

Hotel Geirland

Address: Geirland - 880 Kirkjubaejarklaustur
Location: Kirkjubaejarklaustur
Tel: (+354) 4874677

Hotel Geirland

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