Hotel Bjarkalundur

Bjarkalundur is a summer hotel situated in one of the most magnificent spots in Iceland.

Mount Vadalfjoll,  famous  for their majestic beauty, are located  near by straight north of the hotel.  Their most prominent parts are two ancient, basaltic volcanic plugs which have withstood erosion better than their surroundings.  Vadalfjoll  are approximately 500 meters above sea level and when mounted one can enjoy the spectacular panoramic scenery over the near by fjords and mountains; a scenery not easily forgotten.

Iceland’s most remote region and possibly the most enthralling, the West Fjords are a world apart. Virtually separated from the rest of Iceland and sparsely populated, the area is characterised by dramatic fjords and towering angular cliffs rising sharply from deep blue seas.

If you want to experience Icelandic nature in its most purest form this is a very good place to visit. Millions of birds outnumber the inhabitants many times over and there are few words to describe that rarest of pleasures - complete silence.

Local people retain a deep and passionate understanding for the land they live on. Their culture is quite unique, with echoes of the past and yet a confident embracing of a cosmopolitan future.

Hotel Bjarkalundur
Hotel Bjarkalundur
Hotel Bjarkalundur

Hotel Bjarkalundur

Address: Bjarkalundur - 380 Reykholahreppur
Location: Reykholar / Reykholahreppur
Tel: (+354) 4347762
Mobile (+354) 4347863

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Hotel Bjarkalundur

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