Route 1 Car Rental

Route 1 Car Rental is a locally owned car rental in Iceland  located in the Greater Reykjavik area. We take pride in offering quality cars at competitive prices. We operate both in the greater Reykjavik area and at Keflavik International Airport.

Route 1 Car rental is a family-run business. We offer efficient and trustworthy low mileage rental cars for very competitive prices. Get a quote for your car rental in Iceland in our booking engine on  and see what it cost you to explore the amazing wonders of Iceland on your own terms.

You can choose a car to suit your specific needs in regards to luggage space, fuel efficiency, etc.

We recommend that you read our tips about driving in Iceland and explore some of the hidden pearls we've uncovered for you in the Route 1 Guide. Just don´t forget to see the golden circle.

Our location on googlemaps is here

Route 1 Car Rental
Route 1 Car Rental

Route 1 Car Rental

Address: Baejarhraun 24 - 220 Hafnarfjordur
Location: Hafnarfjordur
Tel: (+354) +3545653615

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Route 1 Car Rental

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