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To discover Iceland in the winter, a suitable transportation is needed. Be prepared for an amazing expedition through snow, rivers, volcanic sands, mountains and glaciers in a Super Jeep. is a tour operator in Egilsstaðir which offers superjeep tours across East Iceland. 
We provide tours every day over the summertime to Askja, Kverkfjöll, Europe´s largest glacier; Vatnajökull and Vatnajökull National Park . 

We assist you on experiencing East Iceland´s versatile attractions, weather you wish to explore the beautiful lowlands and fjords or enjoy the rough landscape with breathtaking views in the highlands.

We specialise in:

Highland tours

Lowland tours

Glacier tours

Reindeer watching

When planning our clients trips we lay heavy emphasis on acquiring whichever service that is needed to make the tour as enjoyable as possible.


Jeep Tours ehf
Jeep Tours ehf
Jeep Tours ehf

Jeep Tours ehf

Address: Stekkjartrod 13b
Location: Egilsstadir
Tel: (+354) 898-2798

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Jeep Tours ehf

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