Hotel Gullfoss

Hotel Gullfoss is in a comfortable distance from Reykjavík on Road 35.  It is located between the two most popular tourists destinations in Iceland, Geysir and Gullfoss and is an ideal location for highland travelers who are going over Kjol, an mountain road that connects North and South Iceland.   
Hotel Gullfoss is known for it's friendly atmospher, country style cooking, quiet surrounding that are ideal for relations.  

Hotel Gullfoss is located on the banks of Hvita.  It offers 35  two person rooms with baths.  

Our menu is inspired by the traditional Icelandic cuisine, with our chef's twist. We try to use local and seasonal products as much as possible, and are committed to serve you delicious meals in our cozy restaurant.
We propose a Soup of the Day, most appreciated after a long day spent sight-seeing in our chilly Iceland. Mountain Lamb, Atlantic Salmon and Haddock Fillet are our classics and you will find them all year round, accompanied by potatoes and a salad of vegetables. And to finish it off, you can consider a Skyr, some Ice cream or a bite of the Dessert of the Day. We want to provide you with a wonderful dinning experience. Therefore, we will listen to your requests (childs, specific diets, allergies…) and we will try our best to answer them positively. A must-do in the summer time, a digestive walk along the canyon to Gullfoss waterfall!

Hotel Gullfoss
Hotel Gullfoss
Hotel Gullfoss

Hotel Gullfoss

Address: Brattholt , Blaskogarbyggd, 801 Selfoss, Iceland
Location: Biskupstungur
Tel: (+354) 486 8979

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Hotel Gullfoss

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