Argentina Steakhouse

Dining at Argentina steakhouse restaurant

Argentina Steakhouse has been a classic with Icelander´s since 1989 when the restaurant opened its doors. Being in downtown Reykjavik, Argentina Steakhouse is conveniently located for all visiting the Icelandic capital.

Argentina Steakhouse was selected restaurant of the year in 2000 the same year that Reykjavík was named one of the nine European cities of culture.

In the wooden paneled passageway to the restaurant you can detect the southern atmosphere that awaits you inside. At Argentina Steakhouse we emphasize on creating a comfortable and rustic atmosphere for their guests to enjoy during the dining experience. At the restaurants reception, the dancing red flames in the fireplace keep our guests warm and the leather sofas and chairs promise comfort.

Meat and fish, grilled Argentinean style using wooden coal, is the restaurants main fare. The outstanding skill and creativity of the chefs emerge in their presentation as well as in the wide selection of starters and desserts.

Argentina Steakhouse was the first restaurant in Iceland to offer steaks by weight and the main courses on the menu have been unchanged from the beginning. Icelandic ingredients prevail and only Icelandic beef of superior quality is on offer. The Icelandic ox has remained unchanged since the time of the settlers, over 1000 years ago. It is smaller than elsewhere and renowned for its quality as the body develops slowly, making the meat more stable and the muscles finer so that there is more time for fat to build up. Fat is absolutely necessary for the meat to grill perfectly and for the steak to turn out succulent and tender.

Althoug the main focus of restaurant is steaks, the menu also offers a wide selection of seafood and of course, the very tender Icelandic lamb. The Icelandic lamb is almost organic by nature as they are not fed grain or given any hormones as they roam free in the wilderness of Iceland. The Icelandic lamb is considered a gourmet meat that has fine grain and a distinct, wild taste.

On the dessert menu you will discover some international classics as well as more traditional Icelandic items.

Argentina Steakhouse has an extensive wine menu of red and white wines to complete your dining experience. For those that like things a bit bubblier, there is also a selection of Champagne and sparkling wines.

The soothing and comfortable atmosphere and the excellent food allow for an exceptional dining experience for those visiting Reykjavik. The impressing selection of cognac, whiskey, port and liqueurs as well as the finest cigars are a finishing touch to a night of where fire meets with ice.

Argentina Steakhouse
Argentina Steakhouse
Argentina Steakhouse

Argentina Steakhouse

Address: Baronsstigur 11
Location: Reykjavik
Tel: (+354) 551 9555

Argentina Steakhouse

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