Icelandic Seal Center

We are open all year!

The Icelandic Seal Centre and Húnaþing vestra Tourist Information Centre are open as follows:
1/10 - 30/4   Mon - Fri  10:00 - 15:00
1/5 - 30/5     Every Day  09:00 - 16:00
1/6 - 31/8     Every Day  09:00 - 19:00
1/9 - 30/9     Every Day  09:00 - 16:00
If you have a request for the museum to be open outside these hours, please call +354 45 12345

"The Icelandic Seal Center in Hvammstangi is a research and exhibition center investigating and detailing the lives of seals found in and around Iceland and also runs the Tourist Information Center for Húnaþing-vestra, Iceland's number one seal and wildlife watching destination.

In the center you will learn about the different species of seals found along the shores of Iceland, their lives and habits and how to distinguish them apart from one another when you are out on a self or guided seal watching tour. You will also find information on the wildlife of the area, including the notorious Arctic Fox, Eider Duck, famous Puffins, Whales and the abundant sea and inland bird life of the area.
You can also watch our scientists at work in our lab, learn about the research that is being done on seals and even help us by collecting data on your travels around the area!

From the tourist Information Center you will be advised of the best ways and locations to see seals and other wildlife in their natural environment around the beautiful Vatnsnes peninsula and Húnaþing-vestra, as well as information on the other amazing sights, including the famous 15m giant troll Hvítserkur, turned to stone just meters from the coast, the beautiful Kólafossar waterfalls and canyon and Bjarg the birth and burial place of Grettir The Strong, strongest of all the vikings! You will also find details of all the hiking, riding and horse trails in the region and the plentiful accommodations where you can spend the night."

Icelandic Seal Center
Icelandic Seal Center
Icelandic Seal Center

Icelandic Seal Center

Address: Strandgata 1 530 Hvammstanga
Location: Hvammstangi
Tel: (+354) 8985233
Mobile (+354) 4512345

Icelandic Seal Center

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