Atlantsflug Airline

Atlantsflug was founded in 2004 to provide sightseeing flights and aerial photography service to customers wanting to enjoy the magnificent view that Iceland has to offer from above.

Atlantsflug central location of aircraft operation is in south-east Iceland from our private airport located south-west of Europe’s largest glacier “Vatnajökull” at “Skaftafell National Park” and from Reykjavik Airport.

From our Skaftafell Airport we offer flights to various locations of Vatnajökull glacier and into the highlands of Iceland, to locations like; Landmannalaugar, Langisjór, Laki and Lakagigar as well as providing services to professional photographers and film makers.

Atlantsflug also offer tours all year round out of Reykjavík to the Landamannalaugar area and the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull, as well as to Skaftafell.

All our standard tours are listed on our website, and all other requests are on quotation basis, our current brochures can be found here:, and video sample from our flights can be viewed on this webpage

The staff of Atlantsflug is experienced and has provided aviation related services to thousands of customers over the years, this being; aircraft charter, sightseeing flights, aerial photography.

Atlantsflug offers aircrafts that have proven their excellence in Iceland for many years. Our flight operation is conducted under strict “EASA” regulations, known as “EU-Ops” for aircraft operation, and “Part-145”, for aircraft maintenance, these regulations applies to all sectors of commercial aircraft operations in Europe. Our flights are carried out under; “Aircraft Operation Certificate” number IS.033, and maintenance under; “Part 145 Organization Approval” number “IS.145.011” issued by the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authorities.

Our location in Skaftafell is at the airport across the main road(1) going into Skaftafell Tourist information Center and can be view on the internet on this link:
Atlantsflug Skaftafell Airport  (Ctrl+Clickt to follow link) and in Reykjavik our passenger terminal can be view on this link:Atlantsflug Reykjavik Passenger Terminal.

Atlantsflug takes pride in personal service towards its customers.

Atlantsflug Airline
Atlantsflug Airline
Atlantsflug Airline

Atlantsflug Airline

Address: Flugskýli 1, Reykjavik Airport / Skaftafell Airpor
Location: Reykjavik
Tel: (+354) 854-4105
Mobile (+354) 478-2406

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Atlantsflug Airline

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