Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse

The accomodation is situated in the farm´s original residential home, built in 1937, when the old turf-house, situated on the same spot, burnt down. 
The fire happened in the middle of a dry season in summertime so there was no way to control it. 
The residents managed to save very little from the fire, except for a few things from the living room and their better clothing from one closet. 
After the fire, the household, a total of 11 people, moved to the sheep shed where they lived for the next three months, while the first floor of the recent house was being built. 

You can only imagine how crowded it was for the 11 individuals when they moved into the new house, sharing three small bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen. 

The top floor was then added around 1950 and the first floor enlarged around 1965. Total renovation of the building was conducted from spring 2009 until the opening of the guesthouse in June 2010. A large terrace with a hot tub is situated in front of the house, there guests can relax and enjoy a view of the valley and the midnight sun, or in wintertime, a starry sky and northern lights.

Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse
Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse
Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse

Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse

Address: Steindórsstaðir, Reykholti 320 Borgarfjörður
Location: Reykholt
Tel: (+354) 4351227

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Steindórsstaðir Guesthouse

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