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Arctic Sea Tours offers tours in whale watching, sea angling and a visit to the fishing villages in Eyjafjordur. Trademarks: Arctic Whale Watching, Arctic Sea Angling, Arctic Villages

Arctic Whale Watching
Arctic whale watching Iceland from Dalvik close to Akureyri. We emphasize personal service and respect for our guests experience. We have up to four whale watching departures over summer time. Now offering hotel pick up from Akureyri, contact us and we will pick you up anywhere in Akureyri.

In each tour you will experience:
Whale watching, 98-99% success summers 2011-2012
Sea angling for 15 minutes, guarantied fish.
Bird watching, sometimes puffin.
Hot drink and Icelandic refreshments.
Exhibition of fish cutting.
Grill of fresh fish in the end.
Included are extra warm clothes from 66 North, overall and rain coat. Then we have some gloves and hats from an Icelandic wool.

Summers 2011-2012 we saw whales or dolphins in 98-99% of the tours. Humpback whale in 94-96%, minke whale in 30-35%, white beaked dolphin in 30-50%, harbor porpoise in 30-50% and blue whale in 2-5% of the tours.


Read what our guests say about Arctic Whale Watching Iceland on we are very proud of our record.
Daily departures:

• Morning tour 09:00 may - august

• Midday tour 13:30 june-september

• Evening tour 19:00 15. june - 15. august

• Midnight tour 23:00 20. june - 15. july

Arctic Villages
Arctic Villages is a tour to eight fishing villages in Eyjafjörður. On the tour you will experience fish and fish related companies and get a taste of various seafood. You will see various kinds of boats, ships, fishing equipment, fish, fish farm, fish factories and museums.

Arctic Sea Angling
Sea angling tours from Dalvik north Iceland. The fishing takes place in Eyjafjordur well known for good fishing grounds. Eyjafjordur is one of the longest fjords in Iceland and is particularly beautiful with many fishing villages and an Island in the middle. The fish you could catch are cod, haddock, coalfish, whiting, red fish, catfish, dab, rough dab, plaice and if lucky halibut.

Arctic Sea Tours
Arctic Sea Tours
Arctic Sea Tours

Arctic Sea Tours

Address: Hafnarbraut 22, 620 Dalvik
Location: Dalvik
Tel: (+354) 7717600

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Arctic Sea Tours

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