Bustarfell Museum

Bustarfell Museum is a quaint, century’s old, Icelandic family turf and stone house. It is located in the North East of Iceland, in the picturesque valley of Hofsárdalur, some 20 km´s from the village Tangi. This location boasts of grassy green valleys, majestic fjords, rugged snow capped mountains, pristine waterfalls, rivers, lakes and streams along the rocky coastline. In summer, mountain pastures are dotted with sheep grazing in the 24 hour daylight.

This turf house with red gables and grass-grown roof is one of the oldest and best preserved farms of its kind in Iceland. The house preserves much history about Iceland and its people. A visit to the Museum at Bustarfell is a journey through the history of farming and changes in lifestyle from the beginning of the 18th century to the mid-20th century. In the year 1770, sadly, the original farm burned down, but fortunately it was quickly rebuilt and was lived in until 1966. Then the family built a new house on Bustarfell which they still live in.

The Museum shows clearly the lifestyle changes that occured from the time it was rebuildt until the family moved into the "new house". Guests can follow the difference in the standards for quality, for example when there came running water into the house, and a heating system. But to see it, feel it and sense it is always the best experience. 

Beside Bustarfell Museum is Café Croft placed. It is little but very homelike and cosy where our guests can sit down and enjoy coffee, tea or a chocolate along with a tasty traditional cakes and pies. In a modern time of speed it is very relaxing to sit down in peace and quietness of the countryside and enjoy a beautiful landscape. The Cafés salon seats around 30 people so be welcome with your group. Groups can order both light and main meals.

We welcome you for a visit.

Bustarfell Museum
Bustarfell Museum
Bustarfell Museum

Bustarfell Museum

Address: Bustarfelli, 690 Vopnafirði
Location: Vopnafjordur
Tel: (+354) 4712211
Mobile (+354) 8441153
email: bustarfell@simnet.is
Website: http://bustarfell.is/

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Bustarfell Museum

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