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Serving international customers with local hospitality!

Reykjavík Auto believes that a car rental company should consist not only of quality vehicles and fantastic services, but also of a personal approach. Our local staff is always there to support customers and answer any questions at any time.

Why choose Reykjavík Auto?

There are many companies in the world who offer rental cars, but being in the industry for more than nine years we wanted to go beyond the basic impersonal service. Reykjavík Auto customers would not only find attractive prices on rental cars, but also would receive an expert insight on vehicles performance in certain weather conditions and comprehensive responses on best places to visit during their trips.

Our past. Our present. Our future.

The idea behind Reykjavík Auto was to create a car rental service that would take into considerations variety of crucial variables that may impact your trip across Iceland. For many years the founders of the company, who are passionate travellers themselves, felt unsatisfied with car rental services that they used. They realised that knowing what types of vehicle should be booked during a specific season is an essential part of a customer service and such information could be provided only if you personally know what it is like to drive in Iceland during various weather conditions. Strong winter winds, slippery ice roads and hillside paths are important factors that should be addressed while booking a car. We can assure you that our experts would bear in mind all key elements before offering you an appropriate car to rent. 

What customers like about Reykjavík Auto:

• New cars. Superior vehicle maintenance. 24 Hour Road Assistance Program.
• 24/7 Customer Service Centre staffed with locals to answer any questions or concerns.
• Working closely with customers to coordinate pick up and drop-off to better suit their needs.

Reykjavik Auto
Reykjavik Auto
Reykjavik Auto

Reykjavik Auto

Address: Smidjuvellir 3, 230
Location: Reykjanesbaer
Tel: (+354) 5390605

Reykjavik Auto

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